Best Collage App For iPhone: Photo editing is becoming more and more relevant on our mobile devices, above all, due to the growth of applications such as Instagram, where a snapshot is the only way to communicate.

In this way we would be interested in providing the maximum possible amount of information in an image.

For this, we need best collage app for iPhone, a form of including several photographs in one.

However, most photo editors do not have this exciting but straightforward function, so today we are going to make a compilation of the best collage app for iPhone,

Do not miss a single one of our recommended applications.

We are going to start with the most popular best pic collage app and end with a few recommended ones.

So you can decide for yourself which of this best collage app for iPhone is the most interesting for you.

However, we remind you that the comment box is for you to use.

So if you know of any best iPhone collage app to make a collage of photos on the iPhone or iPad and we have not included it, do not hesitate to share it with everyone we will appreciate it.

Top 10 Best Collage App For iPhone

1. Diptic iPhone App

Diptic iphone app

Diptic is one of the oldest and best collage app for iPhone in this content, to begin with, we must warn that it is a paid application, it costs € 0.99, but without a doubt.

It is one that will give us the best results, not only for the fact that it is paid and has a more blocked development but because in reality, it is the one that offers us the most possibilities with a more intuitive user interface.

Also, within its capabilities, it is possible to use it universally on both the iPad and the iPhone and includes an application for iMessage.

In contrast, this best collage app for iPhone is compatible only with devices running iOS 9.0 or higher.

The application will allow us to make a collage of photographs in a myriad of modalities, with rounded edges, with up to six photographs, adding texts and even filters.

We have to choose the template in the initial menu and select the pictures from our reel; we will see how they magically square up as they should, and the result is fantastic.

It has garnered 4.5 stars on the App Store, and we have been following it for quite some time. It often offers a free download, so stay tuned.

2. InstaSize iPhone App

InstaSize ipone app
InstaSize App

Another immensely popular InstaSize was created to help Instagram users, but it has grown to become a leading photo collage alternative for iOS users.

It not only allows us to make a collage of photographs, but it also allows us to edit them at the level of brightness and filters.

However, but the reality is also that in terms of editing, it does not offer us anything that the official Instagram application does not provide us.

So the added value that we are going to give you is the fact that it allows us to create a photo collage.

Features of InstaSize best collage app for iPhone:

  • Modify photos like a pro with free filter effects designed by photographers.
  • Download cool and fun, localized stickers and stamps.
  • Modify saturation, and warmth.
  • Adjusts brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights.
  • Add text to create your captions or memes.
  • Get creative with collages, overlays, and backgrounds.
  • Use focus and intensify your photos with vignette effects.
  • Share photos and videos on any of these networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and also by email.
  • Images saved with high resolution.

This pic collage app for iPhone is compatible with iOS versions from 8.0 and takes about 50MB.

It’s prevalent and free, so it is highly likely that you already knew about it long before we introduced it to you.

3. Fuzel Collage iPhone App

Fuzel Collage iphone app
Fuzel Collage

This application became famous for being the first to offer the creation of animated collage, so if you want to try something different, we recommend it.

But we warn you that they will be created as videos, not GIFs, so storing or uploading photos to social networks may affect your data rate. It’s free and universally compatible with any device above iOS 8.0.

4. Moldiv iPhone App

Moldiv iphone app

This best photo collage app for iPhone that we present allows us to make a collage in different artistic ways.

However, it also has photo editing as a preference; we are going to keep the collage function.

This time it is free too, although it offers integrated payments. It will allow us to combine up to 16 photographs in a single frame, with peculiar shapes that we will hardly find in others.

Features of Moldiv best collage app for iPhone:

  • 310 fashionable frames
  • Place and decorate pictures however you want in Freestyle & Merge mode Freely
  • Adjust the aspect ratio of the collage
  • Wide variety of design tools

5. Shape Collage iPhone App

Shape Collage iphone app
Shape Collage

This best collage app for iPhone focuses on the creation of artistic figures based on photos.

The main feature, we can create figures, from hearts to Minions, only including all our favorite photographs.

It is compatible with any version of iOS since 6.0 and with a slightly abandoned development.

6. Layout iPhone App

Layout iphone app

This best collage app for iPhone introduced by Instagram and it is characterized by the different types of templates.

This app comes with the different options including changing the size of the picture, creating a collage, reflecting and rearranging the photos.

This collage pic app is the best option for those people who want to make a collage of different pictures for the simple type of presentation.

However, this application doesn’t provide those features that are already present on Instagram.

7. Adobe Spark Post iPhone App

Adobe Spark Post iphone app
Adobe Spark Post

This best collage app for iOS is the product of Adobe and provides an excellent editing experience to all iOS users, and comes with the too many advanced features.

If we talk about the features then it includes the too many templates to make a quality collage with this iPhone collage app.

Other than this it allows you to take advantage of different types of editing options like adding images, change the color scheme.

You can also add the different types of animated texts and too many other things that you can do with this best collage app for iPhone.

8. PicCollage Video & Grid Editor

PicCollage iphone app

This is the other amazing app that always stands out in the list of the best collage app for iPhone

The features of this application include adding the clipping from the other images and you can add all the pictures in the single frame other than this you can also make a different template from the scratch and also add texts.

9. PicsArt iPhone App

PicsArt iphone app

It is one of the most used and best collage apps for iPhone present in the market and it comes with both editing and the making collage options.

However, this app comes with too many amazing filters and templates that make your collages very unique and different from others.

10. PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker iPhone App

PhotoGrid iphone app

This is the most high-rated best collage app for iPhone on the App Store. It provides you with the opportunity to make a collage for the videos, photos and also you can make for both at the same time.

Other than this it comes with the too many templates and designs for the collage.